Rack Room Shoes and DSW haul

Enough shoes? Never.
Enough shoes? Never.

Shoes seem to be my new obsession, but perhaps I have enough…for now. Here’s four pairs I picked up recently at an outlet mall’s Rack Room Shoes and DSW.

Rack Room Shoes

G by Guess Gavin Bootie, $14.99

G by Guess Gavin BootieThat’s right, $14.99. Rack Room Shoes had a “buy one, get one half off” sale, and since these were already on sale, it was quite a bargain. The original price was $79.99.

I’ve never owned anything by Guess, but they were a ridiculously low price, thus the urge to pick them up was too much. They’re a great way to wear something similar to a combat boot, but less heavy. It just takes a little more effort to put them on since there’s a zipper in the back and three buckled straps.

Nike Air Max Torch 4, $74.99Nike Torch 4

My pair of New Balance running shoes have been worn literally since middle school, so paying $75 every 10 years for tennis shoes seems level-headed in that perspective.

Out of the several pairs of Asics and Nikes I tried, the Torch 4s felt the most comfortable. There’s a lot of padding, so Air Maxes are great for people like me that need a lot of support when running.

There’s currently a neon phase when it comes to athletic shoes, and these were one of the very few pairs that didn’t have pink or purple details (I loathe both of those colors). Good luck finding athletic shoes in the women’s section consisting of just simple white, black, or gray.


Jellypop Artemus Oxford Pump. $13Jellypop Artemis Oxford Pump

I’ve wanted a pair of oxford pumps for awhile, but the majority of the ones I’ve seen were either too steep of a heel or too much money (ahem…Aldo). It was my lucky day in the clearance section of DSW.

It may seem like a tall heel, but they are actually quite comfortable, and don’t make you appear as if you’re attempting to walk on stilts. Since the lining is thin, wearing them in warmer weather will be suitable.

However, the laces are way too long. Having dual laces (one regular pair, and the other more like ribbon) is a good idea, but quite bulky. It’s a unique look that will take some getting used to.

Steve Madden Area Bootie. $59.99

Technically they were on sale, and $59.99 is more than I would normally pay for a pair of shoes, but my $13 pair of oxford pumps balanced the total out (at least that’s how I justified it). Because they are quite snug, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone with wide feet. I have very narrow feet and they were form-fitting on me.Steve Madden Area Bootie

The cut-out style has been gaining traction lately, but what I liked about this pair in particular is the low heel and less clunky look. It’s a great casual shoe, and perfect for someone like me that wants to still wear boots in the spring and summer, but despises sandals.

The only qualm I have about them is that the zipper makes an annoying noise when I walk, so I’ll probably keep it tied with clear plastic stretchy cord. DIY for life.

I bought some clothes on another shopping trip, so I’ll post that somewhere down the line.

Which pair of shoes do you like the most, and what kinds have you bought lately?

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2 thoughts on “Rack Room Shoes and DSW haul

  1. PLEASE tell where you got your Nike Air max Torch 4 shoes! My daughter-in-law wants them for Christmas. I have been looking for HOURS and cannot find the shoe in the color that is in your picture. Please email me! Thanks

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