Sherlock is back!

Anglophiles rejoice! The BBC hit show Sherlock has returned, and last Sunday night was the premiere of season three’s first episode on PBS. Titled “The Empty Hearse,” the much-awaited episode picks up two years from where last season’s frustratingly suspenseful finale left off.

It has been two years since "Sherlock" was last originally broadcasted in the UK.
It has been two years since “Sherlock” was last originally broadcasted in the UK. (Photo Credit: Colin Hutton)

In the last few minutes of season two’s finale, viewers discovered that Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) was indeed alive after jumping off of a building that had everyone believing he committed suicide.

Creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who also happen to be writers on British TV institution Doctor Who) have created a snickering way to reveal (well, kind of) the secret of how Sherlock faked his death.

This episode’s crime that needs to be solved includes a terrorist aiming to bomb Parliament and a mysterious baddie with dangerous plans for Watson (Martin Freeman), but the center focus is the humorous tug-and-pull friendship between Sherlock and Watson. In the words of Moffat himself, “the friendship between Holmes and Doctor Watson is right at the heart of it.”

The most arresting aspect of “The Empty Hearse” is how Watson has spent the last two years coping with Sherlock’s death, and suddenly has to deal with the emotionally vague Sherlock’s surprising appearance. Watson’s disgust with Sherlock’s dishonesty slowly begins to dissipate as he realizes he’s missed all of those good ‘ol crimes and near-death scenarios!

The next episode this Sunday will reveal what happens when Watson requests Sherlock to be his best man. It’s probably not the best idea he’s had.

If you missed the episode or just want to watch it again, it’s available for streaming on PBS’ website. You can also check out exclusive videos.

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