I have joined a conspiracy

No, I’m not announcing my conformity to those “who really shot JFK?” type of mindsets, I’m joining an art conspiracy.

Art Conspiracy is an annual Dallas charity event that auctions off artwork to benefit certain non-profit organizations or programs. This year, Art Conspiracy 7 is raising funds for Musical Angels, which- as the website details- is a “non-profit teaching organization that provides free music lessons to hospitalized children.” Along with more than 150 other artists, I’ll be donating a painting to the cause. Bids will start at only $20, so you won’t have to shell out the cost of month’s rent to buy a piece of art.

The fun starts at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 12 at 511 West Commerce St. in Dallas. Tickets are only $11.50. Local bands Datahowler, The Hope Trust, and J. Charles and the Train Robbers will be the musical entertainment for the night. From the look of things, this won’t be like a stuffy gallery full of yuppies dressed as if they’re at a formal dinner. It will be quirky and fun, (sort of) like me.

You can purchase tickets here if you want to be where all the cool, artsy kids are: https://www.prekindle.com/checkout/id/22058230578448943

Here are some videos from last year’s shindig. Notice the instructions “wave your hands in the air like you just got your nails painted” in the first video. Gotta love the creative types.

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